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The Best Social Media Platforms To Generate More Customers

Each social media platform has unique capabilities and limitations. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each platform will help you determine the best social media marketing strategy and bolster your business's success.
Jon Cogan
October 25, 2021

Today social media has given a wide and cost-effective platform to blooming businesses to reach their target audience fast and efficiently. Still, it requires true efforts and proper knowledge of the platform. 

It may seem like all the platforms are the same, and equally efficient at generating buzz for your business. It is significant to know that they are widely varied, and the audience available on those platforms can impact your business differently.

Here let me explain what kind of content you wish to create, keeping your goals in mind and which social media marketing platform would be best to reach your target audience. 

Paid Vs. Organic Content

Almost every platform allows you to create organic content, but not all of them are equally effective for that. Organic content is what you can post without any cost. They include photos, videos, posts, and any other form supported by the platform. The content appears in people’s feeds and as the engagement level goes up, your content is pushed out and reaches more people.

However, organic content needs consistency. To create traction, you have to be frequent and very consistent. It follows the platform’s rules and algorithm.

The paid content, on the other hand, reaches the target audience but will not appear in the feed. You can also engage the audience through direct messages and stories by using paid content. Depending on the platform, you need to decide which will be a better fit.

What Factors Matter When Choosing A Media?

As I mentioned earlier, you have to choose the media depending on your goal, target audience, and product type. 

Define The Goal 

Defining the goals you have set for your business determines how you want to achieve them. Some want to increase sales, whereas some want to increase subscribers, some want to increase the traffic to their website, and some are looking to spread awareness. Depending on that, you need to choose which media are more suitable based on their capabilities. For example, as some media like Instagram will not allow external links as widely as Pinterest. 

Choose Your Target Audience

Your target audience also makes a huge difference while choosing the right social media platform. If you want to target Gen Z, you should go for TikTok and Snapchat, but you are less likely to reach Gen X on those platforms. Similarly, if your product deals with academics, chances are your audience is more on LinkedIn than on Instagram.

Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

See what your competitors are doing on different platforms, how they are engaging with the audience, what kind of content they are creating, and how frequently they are posting paid advertisements. You can analyze the pattern and decide on your own strategy for optimum results.

Which Media To Choose For Your Business?

Today the availability of media platforms will leave you confused. You can choose from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, but you need to know what features they have, what kind of content you can create there and how their algorithms work.

1. Facebook 

Undoubtedly, they have the largest audience with nearly 3 billion users. It has a very advanced algorithm for paid content that flawlessly targets the desired audience. Because of that, the reach of organic content for business on Facebook is decreasing day by day.

2. Instagram 

Instagram is all about visuals. You have to post a photo or a video to attract the audience. The new features like reels which are short videos, are very popular among the new generation. If you are consistent, you can attract an audience without spending a fortune on the advertisement.

3. LinkedIn 

Though the algorithm of LinkedIn is not as advanced as Facebook and Instagram, nowadays, all companies earn their authenticity from LinkedIn. You can use other media platforms for advertising and create an insight tag here to seem more trustworthy.

4. YouTube

YouTube connects you with google directly. Create your organic content, upload it on YouTube, and people searching for something on google can easily access your video even without having a YouTube account.

5. Pinterest 

Though mostly used by higher-income people, Pinterest is the perfect place to create pins and link your website with them.

6. Snapchat

Snapchat refreshes everything after 24 hours, but its popularity among Gen Z makes it a lucrative choice for promoting business.

7. Tiktok

TikTok is the newest platform to upload videos as short as 15 seconds with lip-syncing features and advanced algorithms, and many businesses are blooming through it.

To sum it up, we need to remember our goals, requirements, and how the media platform works to produce optimal results. To know more about social media and eCommerce Marketing, call us at (877) 326-6360.

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