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Hey,I'm Jon Cogan. I've been helping eCommerce companies establish and scale beyond their wildest dreams for move than 20 years. My agency and I will help you put an all-star eCommerce marketing strategy together, and ensure everything goes exactly as planned - leading to your inevitable eCommerce championship!

ABout me

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Put our proven systems to work for your eCommerce brand.

eCommerce Marketing

Digital Advertising

  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest)
  • Google (search, shopping and display)
  • Programmatic (dozens of ad exchanges)

eCommerce SEO

  • Comprehensive search engine optimization
  • Content marketing campaigns

Organic Social Media for eCommerce Brands

  • Social media campaigns
  • Community management
  • PR and Influencer marketing

eCommerce website design

  • UX/UI design planning
  • Leading edge creative design
  • Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Lightspeed, Squarespace, Wix….
  • Custom web development and eCommerce applications

eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

  • UX/UI CRO audit
  • Customer avatar and journey mapping
  • User behaviour tracking systems
  • Proven promotional strategies
  • Proven Cart abandonment recovery systems
  • Proven Email / SMS workflows for prospect nurturing

Customer Value Optimization (CVO)

  • AOV boosting systems
  • Customer retention systems
  • Customer advocacy and loyalty systems
  • Proven Email / SMS workflows for retention and advocacy

Marketplace Marketing and Optimization

  • Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, eBay and other leading markeplaces
  • Listing optimizations
  • PPC campaigns
  • Full marketplace management systems

eCommerce Consulting and Advice

  • Growth strategies
  • Technical solutions design
  • eCommerce Brand Strategy
  • Business Plan Consulting

eCommerce Investment

  • Service for Equity program
  • Venture capital / private equity sourcing
  • Capital infusions



The program

Go from an eCommerce rookie to an all-star!

I don't consider losing an option. When it comes to eCommerce success, there are 4 main pillars to winning - by working with me, we will make sure you have everything you need to win.



Together we will assess everything from your company logo, brand strategy, styles, product packaging, product copy, photography, videos and more! Then, I customize a pregame to include what you need and exclude what you don’t.


Online Business Planning

In this down, I will help you plan your online enterprise. Together, we'll make sure you are using the best platform, your prices are right, and all the logistics have been figured out.


eCommerce Website

The foundation of any great eCommerce business is a great website. Once we figure out the right platform, I will help you execute everything from ideation, to a smooth launch.


Driving Ready-To-Buy Traffic

Now that your website is perfect, we need to drive the right kind of traffic. Essentially, we’ll be finding your ready-to-buy-from-you audience and sending them to your ready-to-sell website!


Conversion Optimization

There is always room for improvement. Once we have launched, we will analyze your conversion rate, LTV (Lifetime Value) of each customer, and anything else we can - with those numbers, we will fully optimize your business from its current state!



Do you have an Amazon store? If you don’t, you probably should, so let’s get that set up. If you do, great, let’s optimize that so you increase your visibility and with it, your online sales. Together, we’ll get an affiliate program in place and optimized so we can get others selling for you! Need to set up a wholesale storefront? No problem! Let’s make it super-easy to for other retailers to buy skid-loads of your products!

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* Updated January 2021

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