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profit-first ecommerce growth systems
We build profit, not just sales.

drive more ready-to-buy traffic

Online Advertising Campaigns

  • Meta, Google and TikTok ad agency
  • Profit-first strategies are proven to reduce your CPA by as much as 10x!
  • Conversion focused - no pure traffic / awareness ads - just pure revenue focused

Email and SMS

  • Our proven profit-first systems will build you informed, personalized automated Email and SMS flows.
  • Maximize open and clickthrough rates.
  • Optimize your Email/SMS calendar with AI tools that tell you how what Email and SMS campaigns to send and when!

Content Marketing and SEO

  • Our comprehensive SEO services are geared to strategies to get both your transactional and informational pages ranked
  • Let AI inform you on what topic clusters to write, how to write them for SEO peformance and what to feature on your social media channels and when.
  • Discover the right accounts to follow and engage with so you can grow your following and engagement
build powerful and optimized customer journeys

Customer Journey Mapping

  • Analyze all your customer data and their purchasing or abandoning behaviours.
  • Build journeys off actionable insights optimized for your ideal customer profiles.
  • Track each journey and revise with reports that actually explains marketing opportunities.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

  • User-centric CRO audit informed and your unique customer journeys.
  • User behaviour tracking systems
  • A/B testing experiments to optimize the user-experience.
  • Proven Cart abandonment recovery systems.
  • AI powered product recommendations.
  • Nurture systems and sequences.

Lifetime Customer Value Optimization (LCV)

  • AOV boosting systems
  • Know what to cross-sell and upsell to customers and when (in-purchase and post-purchase)
  • Customer advocacy and loyalty systems
  • Proven Email / SMS workflows for retention and advocacy.

eCommerce Website Design

  • UX/UI user-centric design planning
  • Leading edge creative design
  • Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Wix, Lightspeed, Squarepace... you name the platform, we can build it.
  • Custom web development and eCommerce applications
  • eCommerce website content planning, production, writing and development

Marketplace Marketing and Optimization

  • Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, eBay and other leading markeplaces
  • Listing optimizations
  • PPC campaigns
  • Growth strategies
  • Full marketplace management systems

eCommerce Consulting and Advice

  • Technical solutions design
  • eCommerce Brand Strategy
  • Business Plan Consulting


The OG eCommerce Quarterback

Hey,I'm Jon Cogan. I've been helping eCommerce companies establish and scale beyond their wildest dreams for move than 20 years. My agency and I will help you put an all-star eCommerce marketing strategy together, and ensure everything goes exactly as planned - leading to your inevitable eCommerce championship!

ABout me


90-day ecommerce all-star training program

Learn how to scale your business up to 10x in just 90 days

We have packaged our AI tech stack with our proven optimization systems into a training program that is guaranteed to teach you how to lower your Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA) and increase your Lifetime Customer Value (LCV) in just 90 days!

The numbered list to the right is a sample training program. All training programs are customized to meet the needs of your business!



We kickoff by getting you and your eCommerce business fully onboarded. This includes getting access to the various platforms we need, while installing our Business Analysis tools on your store to start gathering data and insights. We take this time to learn about where your business is at now, how your customers interact with it, and together we set your goals for your training program.


Customer-Journey Mapping

Here I teach you how to map our your customer journey. You will learn how to define your customer persona(s), turn them into customer avatars, and plan the journey for that specific audience. The customer journey mapping will touch on all five journey pillars - awareness, consideration, conversion, retention and advocacy.


Conversion Optimization

Here we will go over all the conversion optimization systems you need to use in your eCommerce business. We will go through your tech stack and ensure it includes proven product recommendation AI. We will look at your nurturing funnels, adbandonment recovery systems and your overall website user experience. I will teach you about the best A/B testing tools and methodologies to fully optimize your online business to convert visitors into paying customers.


Lifetime Customer Value Optimization

Now that we have you ready to convert visitors into customers, we want to increase the value of those customers. We do this by showing you ways to boost your order values, including incentive-based journeys, product bundling and more. We will then focus on your customer retention, identifying high frequency products for subscription programs and post-purchase flows in email and SMS. Finally, we will go over the best loyalty and referral marketing platforms to use in your business.


Acquiring ready-to-buy traffic

Now that you are ready t convert more visitors into customers, and increase the value of all those new customers you are ready to acquire, it's time to amp up the traffic levels to your site. You now have a desitination worhty of paid traffc! We will look at the best paid traffic platforms for you business and show you how to effectively run ads. We will also go over the organic methods including an advanced deep dive into content marketing and eCommerce SEO.



Do you have an Amazon store? If you don’t, you probably should, so we can show you exactly how to get that set up. If you do, great! I will teach you how to optimize that so you increase your visibility and with it, your online sales. Together, we’ll get an affiliate program in place and optimized so we can get others selling for you! Need to set up a wholesale storefront? No problem! I can add that to your custom training program as well. Let’s make it super-easy to for other retailers to buy skid-loads of your products!

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