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Conversion and Customer Optimization

Boost your eCommerce conversion rate.

Once you're getting traffic, you're getting sales - however, if you have a low conversion rate, you could be getting up to 10x more sales, without spending an extra dollar on your marketing.


Leading eCommerce
Businesses to Victory.

I am an award-winning entrepreneur and have been building eCommerce business my entire career, spanning almost 20 years.

I have helped brands leverage their online sales to nearly $100 million acquistions. Just recently, I launched and eCommerce website and marketing program that churned out $3M in sales in its first two months.

I concentrate on helping companies build their online businesses by designing customer journeys, backed with smart technology and marketing programs. I help you drive large volumes of ready-to-buy traffic while providing you with ready-to-sell, conversion and customer optimized eCommerce destinations.



All Conversion Services

Make more money off the same amount of visitors

Let's do some quick math. If your current eCommerce conversion rate is 0.5%, and your AOV (average order value) is $50, 5000 visitors would generate your store around $1,250. With some data analysis and smart changes to your website and customer journey, you could likely raise your conversion rate to 2.5%. With the same amount of visitors, you will now be able to generate $6,250. For this reason, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is one of the quickest and easiest ways to skyrocket your revenue. Our Toronto eCommerce marketing agency provides conversion rate optimization (CRO) services which include data analysis, web design & development, and split testing.

Ensure a perfect user experience

Hand-in-hand with conversion rate optimization, our user experience/interface assessment & design services are built to ensure more users on your site convert to actual buyers. Our process begins with a thorough audit of your website to uncover every issue, from high, to low priority. From there, we begin to implement everything possible into your website to improve the experience for each user.

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Make your most important page your best page

While lots of companies put the most care and attention into their homepage, the most important page on your website is what users see before making a purchase - the product page. A poorly designed product page can lead to catastropic losses for your eCommerce store, so we will ensure everything on your product page has a perfect experience, and is optimized to lead to the highest possible amount of conversions.

Give your customers exactly what they need, on autopilot

The buyer experience goes far beyond your online store. If you operate an ecommerce store that has manual customer support, you are not only wasting time and money, you are also not giving your users what they need. By automating your workflows, you can drastically increase the customer lifetime value, as well as increasing referrals through great, on-demand customer service.

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* Updated January 2021

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