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If your business is trying to make money online, the most important piece of the puzzle is your website. 


Our Web Design Process

Understanding your needs

No eCommerce business is built the same, and each project comes with a unique set of requirements which will define how the project goes in the long term. In this phase, we will work with you to understand anything and everything that will play a role in the project ahead.

Laying the foundation for success

An information architecture is essentially the blueprint & foundation for your eCommerce store. Once we have gathered all the requirements, we move on to the information architecture phase where we lay out all the pieces into a visual, high level sitemap that outlines the customer journey, where content sections will go, and more. This phase is crucial for ensuring there are no bottlenecks or misunderstandings in the later phases of the project.

Visualize your future money machine

Once we have confirmed the information architecture with you and your team, we move onto the design mockup stage. These mockups are your own fully custom design for all screen sizes that illustrates exactly what your website will look like after it is developed. The design mockup phase enables us to focus solely on the creativity and experience of your eCommerce website before we move on to development.

Building a successful store

By this point, you know exactly what your site will look like, what it will say, and how it will feel to shop on your store. Once we have decided on the perfect platform for you (Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, or a fully-custom build), we will begin by having our expert developers follow the approved mockups pixel-for-pixel, while also adding interactions, animations, and back end functionalities. Before we launch, you will be able to test every aspect of your store in a secure, private staging environment.

The big day

At this point in the project, everything has been completed, and you have had the chance to test out the site to your hearts desire in a private environment. The only thing left to do is launch. Bringing your store live should be perfectly lined up with the deployment of a smart eCommerce marketing strategy, so we can make sure you are making money from day 1.

Constantly improving

The process of creating an amazing eCommerce store is never finished. There are always things that can be improved on to boost your KPIs. While you may already hava an incredible, high-conversion rate eCommerce store at this point, it is crucial to never stop improving - we always scope out a multiple month post-launch strategy that will allow your store to skyrocket from the already great point it is at.

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