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Essential eCommerce Marketing Tactics to Drive More Sales

Choosing the marketing tactics that are right for your business and effectively reach your target audience can be a time consuming and frustrating process. That is why I have compiled a list of the top eCommerce marketing tactics that drive sales, inspire repeat purchases and build brand awareness.
Jon Cogan
August 25, 2021

The eCommerce marketing world can seem like a mysterious place. You've put together a basic strategy, but still need to decide which specific tactics you should try next to increase your sales. A sound marketing strategy will build brand awareness, drive customer loyalty, and ultimately increase sales.

This blog post will highlight some of the most effective eCommerce marketing tactics and help you identify the right ones for your store!

First Things First - Functional Design

Customers will visit your site for a range of reasons, but the ones that count the most are those who buy. The eCommerce site should be easy to read and simple to navigate. Once a customer finds your site, you want to keep them there and provide a fluid experience to checkout.


Increase conversion and traffic (and revenue!) at your store through upselling tactics. Think "supersizing" that order. Upsells should always be related to the original product, and it's essential to be aware of potential customers' price ranges when promoting these items. Retain the customer, and meet or exceed their needs.

Integrate Social Media

Instagram is a perfect way to engage new and existing customers. It's visual. It's simple. And it has over 500 million daily users. For retailers, putting up products on Instagram for consumers to follow and purchase is key to getting their business.

Follow Up on Abandoned Carts

How many visitors to your site make it through the shopping experience and leave their cart? If you can meet their needs, then you've helped them and made your sale. People might be more inclined to buy something if you offer discounts or free shipping. If the visitor is already a registered customer, a targeted email campaign can encourage your visitors to complete their original purchase.

Capture and Keep Email Subscribers

Marketing your store through email can be more cost-effective than most other efforts. With too many tweets and posts to keep up with, email remains more intimate and provides the space to say things that don't fit in a social media post.

You also need to send emails regularly and add value to each one. There are dozens of tactics that work well. One of the best is soliciting feedback that engages the customer, especially if they left something in their shopping cart!

Speaking of shopping carts, if your site doesn't have a wishlist, then it's time to add one. With this, you can send reminder emails and help target what your customer might be interested in that might differ from their purchase history.

Offer Live Chat

Live chat is a great way to have direct conversations with customers and respond whenever they need the information. Customer service. Before and after a sale.

Anticipate the Future with Pre-Sales

The best way to know what kind of products you should offer is to analyze your customers' demands. You can do that through various methods such as checking keyword trends, validating where they reside globally, and investigating social media behaviours.

In addition to these traditional ways, another creative method for assessing market demand is pre-selling. You can list an item as "out of stock" and see which product receives the most requests for back-in-stock notifications. That one should be your next marketing tactic.

Expand Your Marketing Program

Considering that search engines rank blogs higher than articles, every eCommerce store should blog regularly to attract and retain customers.

Perhaps add a podcast to share expertise and build a community. Look to guest posts on other websites, which helps with SEO.

Reward Loyal Customers

Once you have a customer, you want to keep them. Find out how you can personalize your marketing campaigns and how you can meet your customers’ needs. From loyalty programs to coupons, everyone loves extra incentives and discounts!

Wrapping up Our List

Now you have a list of tangible strategies and tools to help generate more online sales.

Try implementing one of these ideas every couple of days for the next few weeks. Take stock and figure out which marketing tactic is generating new leads.

If you're feeling stuck on something or need help deciding which tactic is best for your eCommerce site and how to make it happen, our eCommerce marketing agency is here for you!

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