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eCommerce Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Services For eCommerce Businesses

Build consumer trust and drive loads of traffic to your eCommerce store with smart, targeted influencer marketing campaigns.

influencer marketing services By CoganPR

Harness the power of recomendations, at scale.

Besides Google, the main way people decide who they should be buying from is recommendations from people they know. While every happy customer is essentially a brand ambassador, the only way to create the social spark that will really kick-off your company is through influencers. Our influencer marketing/PR services include creating a monetization strategy, researching the perfect influencers, reaching out to them, and striking a deal for your brand.


Influencer Research

If you run an eCommerce store for sports apparel, a gaming influencer wouldn't be someone who would lead to a high-ROI campaign (even if they have a lot of followers). In this phase, we will look into influencers that have a following that matches your target market, and prepare a list to review with you.


Campaign Planning

Your new influencer posting a link to your store probably won't lead to many conversions, so we need to figure out how we can utilize your new reach in a way that gives you the most conversions. We will plan all this out for you.


Striking A Deal

We've got lots of research at this point, but we need our target influencers to actually be on board. We will figure out the fair amount to pay your new influencer to execute the planned campaign, and reach oout to them on your behalf to strike a deal.



Now that you have lots of traffic from your new influencer, we need to monetize these users. By the time you have traffic on your site, we will know exactly how these visitors will convert, and all the puzzle pieces will be in place.




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* Updated January 2021
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