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Conversion Rate Optimization For eCommerce Businesses

Turn your current amount of visitors into much more revenue through optimizing your eCommerce store for conversions.

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Conversion rate optimization services

Make more money off the same amount of visitors

Let's do some quick math. If your current eCommerce conversion rate is 0.5%, and your AOV (average order value) is $50, 5000 visitors would generate your store around $1,250. With some data analysis and smart changes to your website and customer journey, you could likely raise your conversion rate to 2.5%. With the same amount of visitors, you will now be able to generate $6,250. For this reason, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is one of the quickest and easiest ways to skyrocket your revenue. Our conversion rate optimization services include data analysis, web design & development, and split testing.


CRO Audit

The first step of our conversion rate optimization service is to heavily analyze what is, and isn't working on your website. We will take all this info and prepare it for you into an easy-to-read report including next steps.


Initial Implementation

Now that we have a list of things that need to be fixed, we will go on your website and edit the positioning of certain elements, fix the copywriting, add in new sections, and do whatever else we need to in order to boost your conversions. This initial implementation usually results in a conversion boost of around 50% for my clients.


Advanced User Tracking

The next thing we need to do is track how well our users are converting. Using advanced analytics tools like Google Tag Manager & Hotjar, we will install tools in your website that show us heatmaps, events, and real user recordings. This info will enable us to further improve your conversion rate.


A/B Testing & Continuous Improvement

As with anything we do, we always look for ways to improve. Through split testing different options and analyzing the data, we will constantly figure out new ways to improve your website, and put these insights into action, leading to a constantly improving website.




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* Updated January 2021
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