7 Tips To Increase Sales Over The Holidays

These top tips will help you create and execute a holiday marketing strategy to boost your revenue and finish the year strong.
Jon Cogan
November 29, 2021

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to increase sales and help solve people’s problems. It is a strategy in eCommerce marketing used throughout the ages. While you’re boosting your sales, your customers are also getting the help they need to solve their problems and make their lives easier. With these tips, you’ll be able to increase sales, help customers and enjoy the holidays.

1. Keep Things Seasonal

One marketing strategy that really helps is to keep themes seasonal. This should play into your eCommerce website and through all your platforms. Seasonal themes show that you’re up to date with the latest and keeping your finger on the pulse of marketing trends.

2. Offer A Special

Who doesn’t love a special? The holidays are the perfect time to offer new, potential and old customers a chance to save 20% Off the latest trinkets. Offer a first-time shopper a special reward. Gain your customers trust and loyalty and let them realize that while this is benefiting them, they’re still managing to save.

3. Make Those Bundle Deals Count

Everyone loves getting more bang for their buck. Entrepreneurs can score more when creating product bundles. This gets the customer to buy with the mindset that they are getting extra from the deal. Buy 2 and get one free. Or buy this controller and computer game for only X.99. Customers will realise that buying the goods separately will lead to higher expenses, but the bundle will save them some bucks.

4. Make It Urgent

Flash sales are the perfect tactics to promote quick purchases. Due to the time factor tied to being able to purchase the item at that low cost. Customers will want to grab that special before it disappears, and this initiative will boost your sales.

5. Time Those Emails

To make sure your customers are checking their emails, try not to message them in the early hours of the morning. They might not be looking at their mail and might miss the special you intend to grace them with.

6. Take Advantage Of Green Monday

Green Monday is a fantastic opportunity to make those sales count. Green Monday was started on eBay, where customers could get special deals on the second Monday of December. Green Monday is also the best and last time to purchase your gifts with the guarantee their arrival before Christmas.

The Green Monday initiative is carried on and is a very anticipated time of the year to crack down on those specials. Offer your customers that free shipping, or a first time voucher or something that they cannot afford to turn down.

7. Black Friday Crazy Sales

Don’t let us get started on Black Friday. Indeed, Black Friday is another much anticipated time of the year where all the best specials are available.

Customers sometimes save money throughout the year to get these Black Friday deals before Christmas and before they go back to regular prices. Black Friday is, to date, one of the busiest shopping days in the whole year.

Have you got your store ready for the holidays? If not then connect with our eCommerce expert at (877) 326-6360.

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