SEO Strategy for eCommerce Websites

Reach more customers with SEO strategies that bolster your company's success.
Jon Cogan
September 28, 2022

While search engine optimization is essential for all websites, knowing how to do SEO for an eCommerce website is vital due to the nature of online shopping.

When potential customers shop online, they search for specific products on search engines. High rankings are essential for your eCommerce site to be visible to audiences, get more traffic, and have a higher conversion rate.

This post will share with you a few SEO strategies that will help you ensure your eCommerce site’s success.

What Is eCommerce SEO and Why Does It Matter?

Ecommerce SEO refers to the process of making an online store more visible on search engine result pages (SERPs) to get more traffic. While some get traffic from paid search, SEO costs much less. On top of that, ad blockers tend to reduce your paid search’s effectiveness.

Why It Matters

You might have an excellent website, but if it does not appear in SERPs, you will lose access to interested eCommerce customers.

Learning how to do SEO for your eCommerce website provides an effective way to reach your potential customers and direct them to your site. After getting them there, you can then proceed to delight them with intriguing copy, high-quality products, and motivating calls to action.

Ecommerce SEO Best Practices

Ecommerce SEO normally involves optimizing your site's headlines, Metadata, product descriptions, internal links, and navigation structure for an ideal user experience. Here are a few examples of eCommerce SEO best practices.

Use the Right Target Keywords

Be very attentive when using keywords. Besides choosing the right keywords, you should also pay attention to how you use them. For instance, avoid overloading product titles and descriptions with keywords.

Also, remember to add latent semantic index keywords throughout the copy to help search engines understand your page in context.

Simplify Your Site’s Architecture

Your website's architecture plays a vital role in search engine optimization for eCommerce. Ensure that your page has a distinct navigation hierarchy, from the homepage to product categories to the products you list within these categories.

Optimize the Homepage

Optimize your site’s homepage, paying close attention to the homepage title tag, Meta description, and content.

Optimize Product Pages

Your site’s product pages are your business's lifeblood, so optimizing them is essential. Instead of writing a few lines about your products, consider creating unique product descriptions. Remember to pay attention to image optimization as well.

Build Quality Backlinks

Google uses backlinks to determine where your site belongs in the SERPs; the more backlinks your pages have from high-quality sites, the more authoritative they become. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to build high-quality backlinks.

Final Thoughts on Search Engine Optimization for eCommerce

Increasing conversions is a gradual process that begins with getting people to your eCommerce site. At The Ecommerce Quarterback, our team offers personalized eCommerce solutions in Toronto, from helping you learn how to do SEO for your eCommerce website to delivering services that will boost conversions.

Speak with us today to learn more about our SEO strategy for eCommerce websites.

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