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How to Turn your Followers into Customers with Twitter Shopping

Take you social media strategy to the next level by showcasing your products to Twitter users directly on your business’ profile.
Jon Cogan
July 4, 2022

Twitter is a great place to engage with potential new customers and has always been a platform where users could engage with brands and learn about new products.

In fact, according to a survey conducted by Twitter, 76% of respondents claim conversations on Twitter have resulted in them making a purchase. Shopify merchants can now take that relationship one step further by using the Twitter Sales Channel, which puts your products in front of active, social shoppers on Twitter. You can connect with an audience that is already following and engaged with your brand as well as reach new customers while they’re most receptive.

Take Your Social Media Strategy to the Next Level with Twitter Shopping

The Twitter Sales Channel feature allows you to display shoppable products directly on your profile. With the Twitter Sales Channel your Shopify products are automatically synced to your Twitter profile, including images, titles, and descriptions.

Products can be displayed via the Shop Spotlight or Twitter Shops feature.

With the Shop spotlight, you can feature five products on a carousel, displayed under your bio.  For a more extensive product offering, you can feature up to 50 products on Twitter Shops, which is accessed via a button on your profile. When a customer clicks on a product, they will be redirected to the product page on your Shopify store where they can check out.  

In addition to organic traffic, you can use Twitter’s Ad platform to grow your audience and drive more traffic to your shoppable profile. Additionally, the Twitter Sales Channel can be managed directly from your Shopify dashboard through the Twitter Shopping Manager.

How To Get Started

Installing the Twitter Sales Channel from the Shopify App Store is free and easy. After installing, follow these three steps to start selling on Twitter in minutes.


1. Create your first Product Set: Name the collection and add the products you want to sell.

2. Choose how you want to display your product: a Shop Spotlight carousel or a Twitter Shop.

3. Publish to your profile!


To use the Twitter Sales Channel, you must be a US-based merchant, sell physical products, and have a Twitter Professional Account, which is free to get.

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