How To Take Advantage Of Google Shopping’s Free Listing Feature?

With these optimization tips you can take advantage of Google's free listing feature, and maximize the amount of potential new customers your business reaches.
Jon Cogan
September 6, 2021

During the pandemic, the world economy saw some of the most difficult days, and the majority of businesses were affected due to financial crisis, low demands, and other manufacturing issues. To lower the impact and help the business community, Google decided to open its shopping platform to everyone. Before then, it was reserved for only those businesses who paid hefty amounts to advertise their products on the Google Ads.

Google Shopping Platform

Google shopping is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to reach a target audience with dedicated demands. They search for something they wish to buy on Google, and if you have a product feed with Google Merchant Center, your product will pop up on Google's shopping list. These amazing features have helped companies in the past to double their sales, and now Google is offering you the same opportunity free of cost.

However, as this is free, that means everybody has access, and your product might lose its relevance or sink in the flow of all similar articles. To take optimal advantage of this welfare measure by Google, you have to know some basic rules of the algorithm that will help grow your business faster.

The Perfect Optimized Product Feed For Highest Exposure

1 - Product Title

The product title is the most prominent part of your listing, so you have to put all that is relevant in there. Having a clear and accurate title will increase the likelihood of the right shoppers clicking on your product. Describe your product with all its best and most significant features so when someone puts any word in Google and your product offers that feature, it reaches the customer without fail.

2 - Brand Identity

Your brand is your identity when it comes to online shopping. It does the talking for you, so make sure there is no ambiguity around the brand name. It should be clear as a day, which will put you one step ahead of your competitors.

3 - Product Type 

Mentioning product type seems easy, but it can be a complex process. Make sure you follow the hierarchy and break it down properly to make it more accessible and efficient. If you are listing a particular clothing item for a specific gender, remember to mention the gender, then under the clothing part, choose a category and put the item.

4 - Product Description 

Your product's description needs to be clear, accurate, easy to read, and relevant while enriched with information. The number of characters ranges between 500 to 1000, and it must include all the little details, including colour, significant features, size, and all other relevant information that will push the customer toward making a purchase.

5 - Product Image    

The product image is everything on Google, so make sure you put effort into it and pick an image of generous quality. It is best practice to avoid promotional messages and even company logos to send the message that nothing is more important to the company than the product itself.

6 - Regularly Updating Feed   

Always update your feed, and it should always include the current price, ongoing offers, real-time availability. Without timely delivery, even the most interesting information becomes stale. Make sure your customers know how dedicated and involved you are in your business.

7 - Grammar & Punctuation    

Grammar and punctuation matter. No matter how silly it seems, it is a turn-off for many serious buyers to see clumsy descriptions. They feel the owner does not know how to take the business seriously. Try to avoid this casual attitude and pay attention to the product description.

Keep these basic things in mind, and you can use this amazing Google tool to push your business out of misfortune. If you want to learn more about product optimization and need consultation for your eCommerce marketing then just connect with us now.

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