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Dealing With The Negative Comments On Your Social Media

Negative comments are an unavoidable part of being a brand with a social media presence. However, how you handle these negative comments is what will largely determine your online credibility. Here are a few tips for dealing with negative comments on your social media.
Jon Cogan
October 15, 2021

The Internet could be considered an amazing tool for business worldwide. Your brand can reach every country, every corner of the world without you undergoing expensive establishments. However, with every light comes to the shadow, and today’s business comes in the form of negative comments. Your customers can review your products honestly and openly, and statistics show these reviews hold great power to make or break the business.

Whenever you encounter a negative product review, your basic instinct would be to delete it. Instead, you can deal with the negativity in a way that will boost your business and give an impression of honest and ethical behaviour. Let's discuss how you can manage your social media front efficiently.

Make A Map Of The Platforms And Define The Rules

It is convenient to have a chart ready for all the platforms you wish to connect and interact with your customer base on. Today, there are different sites with different dominant demographics, and you must set a tone befitting each one to tap the optimal potential.

Give A Clear Idea Of Your Brand

It is very important people understand what you provide them with and how it is different from all the other similar products available in the market. Focus and stress on your USP.

Set The Tone For The Brand

Your accounts could be handled by different employees at times, depending on the size of your business. Therefore, it is noteworthy that you set a consistent tone to get your message to the world. What you support and bring to the table as a business holds the key to enchanting the customer base. It is not unusual to set different tones for different social media targeting a wider range of customers, i.e., you can focus on millennials on Instagram, Gen Z on Snapchat, and creative people on Tumblr.

Clear Dos & Don’ts For Interacting On The Platforms

You must follow a guideline while interacting with customers. While you should never leave a negative comment without a sincere and honest reply, it is best to leave the violent or unnecessarily aggressive, irrelevant comments out. You should also give the solution publicly and ask for details in private chat to keep the confidentiality.

The FAQs

It is common for any brand to receive the same questions frequently. You can prepare a list of frequently asked questions with satisfactory generic answers and further instructions or links to resolve more specialized cases.

Filtering The Negative Comment

Many social media platforms offer different filters where inappropriate comments will be censored automatically. You can also issue a guideline on your page or profile. Any comment violating the basic profanity filter, targeting any race, community, caste, or religion need not be addressed. If any comment seems to incite violence, it can be removed without hesitation.

However, you must reply to the honest and relevant negative feedback in a sincere and empathetic tone. No one expects a brand to do all right, but it is impressive and reliable to see a business rectify its mistakes. It makes customers feel relieved that even if something goes wrong with their order, they can trust you to make it right.

Utilize Negative Feedback

When customers provide genuine and thoughtful feedback, it can be used to improve the product or customer experience. Customer objections are also a tool for determining how you can improve your messaging. For example, if a customer comments your products are "too expensive”, it suggests your ads are not doing a good enough job expressing the value of your product. Negative customer feedback is a great source of insight on how you can produce great ad creative and copy.

Stay Connected, Pay Attention

Your social media should not be outdated. Customers feel safe when they see timely feedback for their concerns. It is wise to use some tools to manage your community efficiently. Identify important conversations, pin relevant comments and positive feedback, and your social media should look chic.

It’s All About Entertaining Customers 

It is not acceptable for brands to avoid feedback unless it’s irrelevant or violates the community guideline. Entertaining positive feedback and making the customers feel welcome and valued is as important as addressing negative feedback timely and empathically while resolving them without hassle. Remember, numerous tools are available in the market, but it is crucial to set the right tone to send the right buzz about your brand.

If you want to learn more to manage negative reviews efficiently, connect with our experts at eCommerce Quarterback.

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