9 SEO Tactics for eCommerce Sites

Having good SEO is essential for the success of any eCommerce business. Use these SEO tactics to drive organic traffic and increase your sales.
Jon Cogan
September 16, 2021

You might be generating your traffic by various means like marketing through email, paid advertisement and promotion, social media, enticing display, and other marketing tools. Still, if you thought you could ignore SEO while competing on Google, I have some bad news for you. You will be losing the game in the long run if your SEOs are not optimized.

It does not just rank your page lower or show customers later; it also makes it less trustworthy.  And if there is no trust, what will drive your online business?

Here I will show you some basic yet effective ways to optimize your SEO and legitimize your page on Google. The process is super simple and self-explanatory as Google algorithm will do the job for you once your SEOs are in place.

Technical Seos That Have Been Working As A Game Changer For E-Commerce Companies

1. A Brain-Friendly And Eye Catchy Website Structure

Appearance determines a lot these days and especially on the internet. A structured website will impact your customer as they can process the information faster and more efficiently. Not just the customer, a website with perfect structure is something Google algorithm understands better, and as a result, your page ranks better on Google and comes among the first results shown on the search engine. A well-structured website will enhance your business in no time.

2. A Page That Keeps Pace With The Customers Wish

Online customers are not known for their patience. Even microseconds can make a lot of difference when it comes to eCommerce. If your page takes longer to load, your customer will move on to some other page. Keep your pages moving by using small-size images, optimizing page redirects, giving better hosting and caching solution, compressing java scripts and HTML, or by using a delivery network dedicated to contents. Test your page speed and bring it under 3 seconds because that’s how patient your buyer is!

3. A Mobile-Friendly Page

We modestly call it eCommerce, but we all know the era has shifted to mCommerce. Most buyers are using their phones to shop, and a page that is not mobile-friendly will irritate and deter your customers. Even Google admits they rank pages higher when suitable for mCommerce as more and more customers are using their smaller device for everything.

4. Use Automation And Templates

The easiest and most effective way to tidy up a very messy webpage is to take help from templates. It will automatically make your page more presentable.

5. Keeping Tabs On Your Page

Be your most frequent audience and see what is wrong with your page. Correct the error before Google sniffs it out, and you will keep holding the high rank.

Online SEO Tricks That Can Save Your Page And Guarantee More Traffic

6. Hyperlink Your Site

To increase your credibility, try to build your link in other high-end sites. It will increase traffic and credibility, which will ultimately improve the rank of your page online.

7. Focus On Reviews

Reviews are always tricky, and they can make or break your business, but the absence of them will make your business look fishy and credible buyers will have second thoughts before purchasing. Encourage your customer to review your product and organize and showcase the reviews on your page efficiently to gain a loyal customer base.

Content Marketing SEOs

8. Working On The Description Part Of Your Product

It is essential to strengthen the description of the product as it is what drives the purchasing decision of any customer. Make sure to provide all relevant features of the product, explain what sets it apart from other similar articles, avoid plagiarism at any cost and use keywords in all possible areas.

9. Keep A Blog To Add The Final Touch

An ongoing blog is chic and sets you apart in the field as an expert. Usually, this gives the customers the idea that the business is all about new ideas and expertise while making Google believe that you are very much alive and active.

SEO tactics are easy to understand & implement; moreover, if you get confused, we recommend various software that will make your job easy or get yourself an eCommerce marketing agency who will do it all for you.

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