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5 Ways to Grow Your Email List

Growing your email list is the key to building lasting relationships with your prospects and customers. It is one of the most valuable assets an eCommerce business owns. Here are 5 ways to grow that list!
Jon Cogan
May 20, 2021

Your email list is one of the most valuable assets to your eCommerce business. That's because you own 100% of the audience. When you post content on social media channels, the social media companies own the audience. They tend to significantly limit who sees your content. With email marketing, because you own your list, 100% of your audience will see your email content, assuming you pass the spam filters.

Here are 5 ways to grow your email subscriber list.

1. VIP Rewards Program

Offer exclusive access to discounts, samples and first-to-try new products.

Extra yardage: Brings in a particularly warm list as it is predicated on significant product interest.

2. Interactive Features

Polls, quizzes, games and assessment tools are a great way to build your list.

Extra yardage: You can learn about your customers and fit them into specific segments to market to the more directly with tailored and personalized emails.

3. Giveaways

Contests and sweepstakes are exciting to your prospective customers and a great way to build your list.

Key to the play: Make sure the prize is very closely aligned with the types of products you sell! Otherwise, you will end up with a lot of subscribers interested in winning the prize, but not necessarily interested in the products you sell.

4. Gamified Popups

Popups like ‘spin-to-win’ discounts or free products convert 5 times better than simple newsletter signups.

Key to the play: Configure it so that it rewards customers every time, and limits the number of ‘big’ wins.

5. Great Content

Drive customers in to the informational side of your website by offering great content that provides value to your visitors, and opt-them in to your newsletter.

Key to the play: Make sure the content is intricately connected to your products and/or target market.

Example: Makeup tutorials for cosmetics brands.

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