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5 Mother's Day eCommerce Tips

The third largest shopping holiday in America to the tune of a $10 billion day! Here's some tips for Mother's Day for your eCommerce store.
Jon Cogan
April 28, 2021

Mother's Day is the third largest shopping holiday of the year in the United States. Here are some ways to take advantage of this $10 billion day!

1. Send Reminders:

Use SMS and Email to send reminders to your customers.

Key to this play: People are busy, so do some of the work for them and feature gift ideas from your store.

2. Offer a Gift Guide:

Put together a nicely designed gift guide to send to your existing customers.

Extra yardage: Leverage this gift guide as an effective lead magnet to drive new customers to your store, who you can market to anytime after.

3. Offer Bundles:

Group your best Mother's Day gift ideas into bundles to attract customer who want to buy mom more than one thing.

Extra yardage: Increases average order value.

4. Launch a Sitewide Sale:

Combine exclusive Mother's Day offers with a sitewide sale on non-mom related items.

Extra yardage: Drives additional sales and another great way to increase average order value.

5. Sell Gift Cards:

Let the moms choose by offering gift cards for your customers to buy and give as a gift.

Extra yardage: When moms buy from your store, you will secure them as a customer in addition to the gift buyer.

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